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ENAS Commitment

ENAS is committed to promote and sustain the quality culture in UAE, by providing added value services in accordance with international standards and maintaining a high standard of its services in dealing with its customers and stakeholders..

We are committed to resolve any complaint received fairly, impartially and in a timely manner.


ENAS however recognizes that it may be necessary for its customers and interested parties to raise a complaint.

ENAS will initiate investigation on complaints received verbally/ written in accordance with those requirements defined in the international standard ISO/IEC 17011 “conformity assessment- General requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies” and ENAS procedure ACP 21.

ENAS Complaint Process

If the complainant prefers to talk to someone to seek further guidance before submitting the complaint, please contact the concerned ENAS Program Manager.

A complaint by filling the form (ACF 21-01) and forwarding it to the concerned ENAS Program Manager and ENAS email (ENAS@moiat.gov.ae).

Complaints are categorized under the applicable complaint type, which are as follows:

  • Type A – Complaints about ENAS processes or actions or assessors.
  • Type B – Complaints concerning the activities of ENAS accredited CAB.
  • Type C – Misuse of Marks, Symbol, and misleading claims of accreditation.

Once ENAS receives the complaint, ENAS will assign an Investigation Officer (IO) who will be primarily responsible for addressing the complaint and reviewing all the evidence provided and this may require additional information / further clarification of the issue prior the complaint being processed formally.


  • ENAS to acknowledge the receipt of the complaint within 2 working days.
  • Actions related to a complaint shall be taken within (30) days from the acknowledgement date.

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